Updated 3 months ago

Firmware for an ESP32 with an analog microphone (amplified) attached to the internal ADC. Calculates the signal amplitude in various frequency bands and submits the results to an HTTP API.

Updated 4 months ago

A rewrite of the musiclight2 program in Rust.

Updated 5 months ago

Knopfzellenersatz auf Basis eines 5,5V-Superkondensators und eines 3,0V-Spannungsreglers.

Updated 9 months ago

A weather station based on ESP8266 and BME680.

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

Migrated from gitolite

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

A fast HTTP server for quickly sharing files on the network from any directory.

Updated 3 years ago